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50% of profits from each Spotlight book sale goes to Earth Enablers.




Spotlight by Solli Raphael

SKU: 895126736
  • We're continually looking for new ways to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. That's why all orders are packed in 100% compostable, biodegradable, and plant-based packaging!

    On top of that, the entire journey of all orders is 100% carbon neutral!

  • Solli Raphael shines a spotlight on the concerns teenagers face today, exploring the powerful link between writing and shaping the future.


    Following on from the success of Limelight, this new collection of poetry illuminates the social interests of Solli's generation in a thought-provoking style, including a mix of traditional poems and brand-new performance poems. It covers topics from connection to bullying and pinpoints environmental issues as key concerns.


    Spotlight also contains five non-fiction chapters with advice, tips and plenty of activities for kids and teens. Solli encourages readers to find their voice and learn the forms and occupations of writing, as well as discusses how to use and gain a platform, with ways to instigate change and become a wordsmith themselves. He shares his experiences, ideas and advice on how the reader can create a sustainable future.


    Everyone can be proactive in shaping the future so let’s stand in solidarity.

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