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Project: Action

We are on a mission to enable 100,000 Pre-K, primary, secondary, college, and university students to help protect the planet in whichever way they can. Earth Enablers currently runs workshops and has several school programs for students ranging from age 3 to age 18. Each program guides students through the ins and outs of our modern world, and its relationship with the natural world.



From nurturing a seed to creating a blueprint of a futuristic sustainable city, our programs take kids and teens on a journey through a diverse range of topics, including ecosystem structures, environmental disasters, pollution statistics, sustainable options, and even their own individual footprint. Our programs enable the youth generation to think critically about what causes their passionate about, and how they can have a positive impact on the planet.

Pre-school Programs:

Green Thumbs Program

Designed for ages: 3-5

Designed for grade/s: Pre-K

School Programs:

Biodiversity Programs

Designed for ages: 5-9

Designed for grade/s: Kindergarten-Grade 3

Pollution Analysis Programs

Designed for ages: 9-12

Designed for grade/s: 4-6

Global Sustainability Programs

Designed for ages: 14-18

Designed for grade/s: 9-12

Individual Impacts Programs

Designed for ages: 12-14

Designed for grade/s: 7 & 8

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